Concrete Envy is excited to bring you the most advanced epoxy
flooring available today!

Metallic Epoxy Flooring is the most exciting technology
breakthrough the flooring industry has seen in years. There is no
other system that has the appeal, depth, character, metallic luster,
and three-dimensional visual effect of Metallic Epoxy.

It's the marriage of industrial grade epoxies and metallic artistry to
create a Picasso of flooring!

Metallic Epoxy gives an unique three-dimensional look and is also
available in color-shift pigments. When incorporated with our super
durable clear top coats, you can create an easy to clean, virtually
maintenance-free surface. The result is a breathtaking floor that is
just as durable as all of our other systems.

These are the most luxurious coatings available today. Originally
designed for the casino industry where appearance and durability is
priority, it is now available for those who desire the finest things in
life. There simply is no other product on the market with such
incredible depth and vibrancy. The marbling actually appears to
"move"when viewing from different angles.
Royal Blue
Antique Silver
Metallic Epoxy
Concrete Envy LLC
MT Reg#157807
"Concrete has never looked this good"